Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Father's Day

To all you Dad's out there - have a good one.

My DH took the kids to see the movie CARS today. They enjoyed it and it got them out of the house for a while so I could catch up on stuff. I'm falling so behind with things I need to get done around the house - plus since Saturday morning I've had stiff joints in my hands which is making it very had to get things done. I don't normally run off to the doctor at the least little discomfort but this is really bothering me so I think I may have to. I don't have a lot of faith in doctors - for good or bad - I think the medical insurance industry has destoryed the medical profession. Most doctors are nothing more than gatekeepers who collect money for the insurance companies. Patients are on their own. It's a big decision for me to call a doctor for myself because most of the time I come home feeling just as bad and twice as frustrated with their namby-pamby advice to 'take Tylenol' or 'lose weight.' As if skinny people never get sick and Tylenol is some kind of wonder drug. I could get that kind of advice from a book.

Unfortunately there are two things I can't function without. My hands and my eyes, so if my hands hurt too much to do anything, I need to find out why.

Wish me luck.

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