Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A small and tasteful dance of joy

My computer is fixed!!

Whew. I was worried there for a minute. Turns out it was just the fan that needed replacing and it was under warrany! How often does that actually happen? Most appliances are designed not to breakdown until the warranty expires, as we all know.

Now I'm back up and running - not that I have time for running. I've got to get something for the next Winterguard bake sale, catch up on laundry, and locate some styrofoam balls so my son can make a visual aid for his next book report. That involves a trip to the craft store, which is a place I should never go by myself. Lord knows what goodies I'll come home with.

Cleaning up the house and the yard would also be a good idea...SIGH. That's the problem with warm weather. I feel like I should be doing ten things at once, yet I don't have the energy for it. Maybe I'll just sit here and enjoy the quiet of my new computer fan...


Jennifer Elbaum said...

It whirs! It purrs! Congrats!

Jennifer McK said...

That's so tough when there's REAL life piling up.
Good luck with the craft store visit.

Put the credit card down and your hands on the counter!!! LOL.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Hey, it's Jennifer day on my blog again! LOL.

J1 - notice how I didn't even go into the fact that I've been telling DH I thought there was something wrong with the fan for months. No, I'm not one to say "I told him so." [Too much]

J2 - It's funny how I immediately think, I'd better take a card with me if I'm going to Ragshop. I know cash just won't do the trick. ;)