Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Something cool

Check this out! I found this in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum in Niagara Falls. It's a vampire killing kit circa 1850. Note the wooden stake, the vial of holy water and the tiny Bible.
Wicked cool.
I have a sneaking suspicion this may end up in one of my stories.
In other news:
Congratulations to

Terri Shaw!

Terri is the winner of my Infinite Worlds Contest at Novelspotters
She'll receive a signed copy of Unleashed
A beaded book mark
And a surprise gift from my goody stash.

Thanks to everyone who participated especially despite the Yahoo glitches!

Have a great day!


ERiCA said...

Hey, that IS pretty cool! I need to get me one of those... =)

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I wish they'd sold then in the gift shop. I think no paranormal writer should be without one! [Even if your hero happens to be a vampire - you just never know.] LOL

R.G. ALEXANDER said...

That is VERY cool! I want one!!! LOL

Robin L. Rotham said...

BLOL! A vampire killing kit?! Don't leave home without it...

Jennifer Elbaum said...

Ooohh! Did they have any of those little shrunken head things too?

Tempest Knight said...

Oh, what a wicked-looking vampire killing kit. Love it! I might use that concept in one of my books. That's if I work the nerves to write a historical vampire romance. Heh!

Jennifer McK said...

Awesome. And I can't wait to read what you've done with it.

Congrats to Terry Shaw.

L.K. Campbell said...

I need to get one of those vampire-killing kits for my editor at the newspaper in case any more bats fly into his office.

Annalee Blysse said...

That's sooooper cool. When I was a kid we went to Ripley's by the Fisherman's Wharf somewhere in San Francisco. Not sure if it is there anymore, but it must be. I enjoyed that. I was talking to my nephew this evening. He's coming down to visit all summer. We were talking about what he wants to do, and I got to thinking where I can bring him. I saw your post and got me thinking Ripley's would be fun too.