Monday, January 14, 2008

They did it again

The weather 'people' predicted a major snow storm starting last night, ending this morning and then starting up again tonight.

Yesterday the supermarket was a three-ring circus AGAIN. You'd think people in NJ had never seen snow before. Everyone acts like we live in North Dakota and will be buried under the white stuff until spring. They load their carts with bags of salt, bottled water, milk, eggs, bread and coffee - I guess everyone figures they will live on French Toast until the big thaw.

A discussion I had with my daughter's coach centered on his fear that all practices would be cancelled all week long due to bad weather.

DH prepared his computer so he could work at home today.

The kids went to bed wearing their pajamas inside out and put spoons under their pillows. Apparently this is some dark magick taught to them by their teachers about how to induce a school-closing snow storm.

And...this morning, there's nothing but a powdered sugar dusting on the lawn. The sun is peeking through the clouds and everyone is walking around shoulders bowed, moaning about how unfair life is.

Meanwhile, I'm trying to hide my enthusiasm. Yay! I don't have everyone home underfoot all day, wanting French Toast for breakfast and filling up the bathroom with soaking wet socks and gloves and scarves and cheering at the Wii all day while I try to ignore them and get some work done.

Am I bad?


Karen Erickson said...

No you're not bad! You're not bad at all!!! LOL

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

LOL, Karen, not even just a little bad?

L.K. Campbell said...

I'd love to get even a powdered-sugar dusting. A good snow is so rare for us, and it'd be nice to see one this winter.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

It's funny, Lucinda, but good snow seems to be a raity in NJ these days. Not that I'm really complaining, but I like a nice snow storm now and then - usually before Christmas is best, though.

Anonymous said...

omG..your posts crack me up. And now I have an insatiable urge for french toast.