Friday, May 09, 2008

ARF - Another Rainy Friday

What is it about Fridays? It always seems to rain.

I know a lot of things can cause rain - for instance, leaving the car window open is a sure fire way to get it to rain. Especially at night, because there's nothing the universe likes more than to have you wake up to a sopping wet driver's seat when you have to be at work in 45 minutes.

Picnics cause rain. Especially holiday picnics. Outdoor weddings also, but for some reason any event that includes a tent will have less effect on the weather than an event that does not include a tent.

Garage sales to a lesser extent cause rain, but since there are soooo many of them, the law of averages can often work in your favor. It can't rain on every garage sale, so yours might be spared.

Roofing projects cause rain. Having the entire second story of your house open to the elements has been known to cause monsoons.

And having the house painted also causes rain. I don't see why meteorologists need all kinds of computers to predict weather when the signs are so obvious. Friday + having house painted = rain. Who needs satellites?

Speaking of having the house painted:

Remember hillside green?

Well it looks more like pea green in the sunlight.

So we’re going to have ‘the weird color house’ on the block.

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