Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Time Travel - Day 2

I'm working on 48 hours of calm here.
I seem to be getting the hang of not rushing myself. It's not so much about doing things more slowly, as not worrying about what I'm NOT doing.
The day seemed to stretch out a little longer today, like I had more time, because I wasn't sitting here thinking about how many loads of laundry I could get done or trying to put off things until the 'best' time to do them in order to maximize every moment of the day.
I just went with the flow. I finished a 3,000 word expansion of my short sci-fi adventure for Samhain. Now that has to sit for a while before I go back and edit it.
I do feel like I've accomplished something for the day, and I'm now allowing myself to dwell on what still needs to be done. That's what tomorrow is for.
So far so good. Wish me luck!

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