Thursday, May 08, 2008

The way the universe works

I’ve learned a lot about the way the universe works this week and by paying some attention to the universe, received a small gift in return.

I got my fridge fixed.

You might say, wasn’t she ranting about that damn fridge weeks ago? Didn’t it take two MONTHS for the repair service to locate the correct parts? Haven’t four different technicians been to her house, tossed up their hands and shook their heads at what was shaping up to become a ‘situation with no resolution?’

Yes. That was me. So how can I consider having my fridge finally repaired to be a gift?
Easy. After I said I didn’t want it, I got it anyway.

Here’s what happened. Once we received the third new door insert and discovered that six of the three dozen end caps we’d received actually fit into the six holes of the door, DH called the repair service and told them we needed someone on our doorstep PRONTO. They told us they could come on Tuesday morning between 8:00 AM and 12:00 PM.

Good enough. At 8:00 AM on Tuesday the repairman called to say we were the 11th stop on his list and he couldn’t possibly get to us before late afternoon.

Natch. Why should anything go right? I appreciated the call, though. At least I wasn’t holding my breath between 8 and 12. At 4:30 however, I was. The kids were ravenous at this hour – Tuesdays we eat early since DH isn’t home and for some reason they’re ready to eat their own sneakers as soon as homework is done. I felt like getting out of the house, so I told them we’d go out to eat.

Problem: still waiting for Fridge Guy. So I called the repair service and asked what his ETA might be. They of course had no idea, so I cancelled the service call and rescheduled for Thursday morning – emphasizing that I wanted him here between 8 and 12 – not some amorphous time in the PM. They agreed and as always, cheerily thanked me for using their service – as if I had a choice.

Off we went to eat. We were gone a little over an hour and as we pulled back into the driveway, a van pulls up across the street. Lo and behold, it’s Fridge Guy!! [He’d received the cancellation notice, but thought he’d come by just to take a chance.] What could I say but ‘Come on in!’ He fixed the fridge. I have shelves. The universe gave me a pat on the head. Life is good.


Jen said...

That is actually a very cool story. How nice of the guy to stop by, here's hoping that his karma is working well too!

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Yep, for someone who went through heck with us, he was pretty cool about the whole thing.