Saturday, May 17, 2008

Make me an offer

No, that's not directed at my publishers or future publishers. [Well, not really.]

That was the theme of today's garage sale. I spent the day lounging in the driveway amid tables of junk hoping people would give me money and then haul it away.

Amazingly we had to drag a lot of stuff back to the basement at the end of the day. Even some brand new, never played with toys didn't get any interest, but we sold old stuffed animals by the bag full, Barbie's in desperate need of a day at the spa, children's books my son's old bike and an old curio cabinet.

We walked away with enough to go out to dinner [at the diner]. The kids were happy. They got the equivalent of a couple weeks' allowance out of the deal and I got them to clean out their closets of the stuff they never play with.

What's up for tomorrow? Absolutely nothing. And I'm looking forward to it.

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