Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Stick a fork in it

...it's done!

I finished my gargoyle themed single-title paranormal at 11:46 on Sunday night. At my agent's adamant request, I sent her the full draft with fingers crossed. I don't like to send things to be read by anyone else until I've done at least one full read-through and there are some scenes at the end that have only been looked at once, but as I said on RD this morning, what agent wants, agent gets.

Now let's hope an editor wants too.

I know I should probably schedule a serious day off loafing as a reward for finishing, but that's hard to do. You know me. I'm just now taking the master class in relaxation and learning how not to obsess every minute of every day.

In honor of my accomplishment, I'm taking tomorrow as a fun day. Jen Elbaum and I are going out to lunch to toast our projects. [She's finishing revisions on her suspense novel]. Later on I told DH I want a ride to AC Moore so I can spend my Mother's Day Gift Card on something frivolous and fun.

Today, I'm cleaning the bathrooms.

[shrug] Hey, at least I've scheduled the fun day. Next I work on having fun without scheduling it. That will be a tough one.

What's on deck now that I'm done with my WIP?

* Editing, editing, editing

* Polishing up the revisions to my upcoming Samhain release Strange New World

* Revamping the story that was the original plot for 'Going Deep' my current EC submission. I was halfway through this when I got the 'better idea' and wrote GD. Now I have half a story leftover that needs a new title and some reworking and may end up being another EC submission if I can flesh out the second half of the plot.

* Diving into my next Forbidden World story for Amber Quill

* Revising Matchmakers based on notes from a CP

* Deciding what my next Single Title will be. Witches? Vampires? Leprechauns? or MIBs? Too many ideas floating around, not enough hours in the day.

Off to scrub tiles and scour sinks.

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