Friday, July 21, 2006

Another lazy hazy summer day

Rather than post an excerpt today, I thought I'd put up a few of my favorite quotes. Like cooking in the summer, I just want something quick and easy. These are some of the ones I like the best:

"I've heard it all, you know. I grew up in a house with three generations of witches, so nothing shocks me. What is it? Embarrassing warts? Scum in the bottom of your cauldron? Can't get your broomstick up?" ~ Emilie Swanson, Wolfsbane: Aspect of the Wolf

"I prefer to be reduced to ash, that way it’s easy to clean up. How about you do it right here in the foyer so Martin can use the Dust Buster on me?” ~ Jake Beaumont, Bonfire of the Vampires

"If you could just take this off, I promise, very sincerely, not to kill anyone." ~ Gillian Lawrence, Conjured in Flames

In other news:

I’d like to congratulate fellow Romance Diva Elizabeth Drake for her 1-shot reviews from Literary Sass. [The less shots you have the better]. Elizabeth’s Waking the Shadows really wowed them over there! WTG Nonny!