Wednesday, July 12, 2006

It's the little things...

...that make me feel like a writer.

Today I prepared and sent out another proposal for The Matchmakers in response to a request for partial from another agent. I really want to find Nick and Callie a good home. I love their story and I want someone else to love it too.

I also added another 4000 words to Rogue Theta. I'm now at 29,000 words! Woohoo! I also believe I can craft a sequel to this story, so I may move right on to the second story after I complete this one. With any luck at all I might be able to finagle a two- or even a three-book deal on it. [I can only hope! Nothing like thinking big.] I know, I have to get the first one done first.

Off to do some more work and then curl up on the couch with my new Vegetarian Slow Cooker Cook Book. DS insists he's a vegetarian, so I plan to teach him how to eat like one. Wish me luck.

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