Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Wisdom of Yogurt

At least that’s what I thought the title of the book was. I just got one of those book club mailers, the mini-catalogs where they offer you a ton of books for some ridiculously low price that you can’t pass up and usually – I can’t pass it up. While paging through and trying to decide if I could find 5 books I wanted for an incredible $0.40 each [and yes, I can!] I saw what I thought was a book titled, The Wisdom of Yogurt. I was hooked already. I figured that would go great with my Zen Clam [Post from December 26, 2005].

I’ve always wondered about Yogurt, you see. The cultures in yogurt are alive [best not to dwell on that thought] and therefore certainly have the potential to be self-aware. [definitely best not to dwell on that!] But consider for a moment if yogurt does have the ability to impart wisdom, or at least possesses some type of wisdom that we, as mere humans, can unlock or tap into in some way. Wouldn’t that be worth reading about?

Too bad my brain doesn’t process what my eyes see as well as it should. The actual title of the book is The Wisdom of YOGA. Which of course makes more sense, I suppose. I must admit, I’m a little disappointed. I was about to open up a container of Yoplait from the fridge and ask it the meaning of life. Oh well. I guess I’ll stick to the Comfort of Mac and Cheese and the Passion of Chocolate.


Shelli Stevens said...

See now I'm totally hooked on the live cultures part. And kinda grossed out. I don't know if I can eat yogurt anyore... ACK! I would totally do yoga. If I could bend my fat body into those positions.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Yoga scares me. I'm afraid of being taken to the ER with my ankles stuck behind my ears.