Thursday, July 13, 2006


Here's another one - though it wasn't mine. My daughter came up with this one.

I ordered a bunch of books from that new book club the other day and one of them was Ultra-Metabolism by Mark Hyman, MD. I saw him on PBS and thought what he had to say about food made a lot of sense so I bought his book. Hey, for $0.40 you can't go wrong, right?

Anyway, DD is passing through the den this afternoon and looks up at me and says, 'Ultra-Meatballism? What's that?' Well, of course it goes with The Wisdom of Yogurt and the Zen Clam. Do you get a feeling we think about food a lot in this house?

In other news...

I'm a little worried about having too much convuluted plot in Rogue Theta. I introduced the secondary character who I'd like to have carry the second story in the series - but I'm not sure how I want to craft her. I don't want a victim-like heroine, but I don't want someone who's quite as kick-ass as Lilliana. I'm also concerned about her being sympathetic if she's too physically perfect and too overtly sexual - though that is the point of her very existance. SIGH. This second guessing is going to make me nuts. I so want EC to like this longer story, but I don't want to work myself into a big tangle and end up getting rejected because my story stops making sense around page 102. Maybe a short break to do another round of edits for Hunter's Mate, then back to the drawing board.


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