Thursday, December 20, 2007

Controversy begets controversy

And this is from the 'You've got to be kidding me,' file.

With regards to the pregnancy of 16-year-old Jamie Lynne Spears [sister of the quintessential Britney] I read this today on Yahoo news:

Her mother, Lynne, who will soon be a grandmother of three, saw her planned book on parenting high-profile children placed on indefinite hold by her Christian publisher.

Can someone explain to me what would make any publisher think Britney's mom knowns anything about parenting, Christian or otherwise?

This is even better:

A spokesperson for the publisher declined to comment on whether Jamie Lynn's pregnancy contributed to the decision to shelve the memoir...

Which is a delicate way of saying, "Hell, yes it did."

Maybe I should suggest a book on how to be a mom and a erotica author at the same time. Sounds like it woud be right up their alley.


Toni Sue said...

Uh, you might wanna sell that book to a different publisher. I doubt the Christian one would snap that idea up ;) But it would sell well to a different pub!

I saw this on the news and laughed my butt off (wait...nope, it is still there). Hubby thought I had finally lost it ;)

Shelli Stevens said...

Oh that's too funny we both did blog about that :) It is a riot! I didn't know it was a Christian publisher, but that made me laugh even harder.