Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Dreaded Nap Attack

I was hoping to be very productive today, but I was caught unawares by a nap and it wrestled me to the couch and knocked me out for two hours.

I hate when that happens.

I have a rule I follow on the days I'm working at home. I never go anywhere near the couch all day long. As soon as I sit down and get all comfy, I'm a goner. Today, I couldn't fight it.

I worked in the morning, made some revisions on Rogue Heart [tentative title for the sequel to Rogue Theta] and decided to go back to Chapter One and do some major edits. Then I went out to lunch with my mother and my aunt and when I got home my eyes just would not stay open. I faced the dilemma of sitting at my desk holding my head up with both hands while I tried to read or accepting the inevitable descent into unconsciousness if I parked myself on the couch.

The couch won. I closed my eyes at 2:30 and at 4:30 woke up when my son looked up from his homework and said, "Did you have a nice nap?"

Ah well. I guess I can make up for it by staying up a little later to get some work done.

I hate when naps attack.

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