Saturday, June 07, 2008

Keep the Panini Maker - I'd rather have cash

So last night I had one of those wild dreams that’s so real-feeling it can shape your mood for the day.

In my dream I was on the phone with K – could have been real life because in real life I’m ALWAYS on the phone with K. Another call beeped in and it was my friend R. He sounds odd. Asks me if I’m home, what I’m doing, etc. I say, “Why? Are you like, outside or something?”

He says, “Yeah. Come to the door.” [No, it’s not that kind of dream.]

I look outside and R pulls up in a long, white stretch limo. He’s sitting on top, in the sun roof, wearing his trademark jeans and a t-shirt and a gray top hat. The limo driver is dressed in white tie and tails and looks suspiciously like President Bush.

I hang up the phone and go out to the car and say, “What did you win the lottery or something?”

He says, “Yeah.”

Me: OMG! Are you kidding?

R: No, really. I won the lottery.

Me: OMG! That’s insane! Congrats. How much did you win?

He proceeds to tell me he won about $7 million - $5 million after taxes - and he won by stuffing some kind of contest box with entries. Well, whatever. Good for him. Five mil is awesome! So I call DH to come out and I call the kids to come out and we’re all talking about his awesome luck and I notice the back of the limo is piled high with small kitchen appliances. Turns out he’s giving these out to friends and family.

Hint: Here’s how I know it’s a dream. No newly minted millionaire bachelor would be buying kitchen appliances for ANYBODY. Sorry, things like that just don’t happen.

Anyway, we end up in the house having lunch and next thing I know DH is making paninis on a brand new Panini maker. [Again, must be a dream because DH is cooking.] I say, “Where did we get this new Panini maker?”

Of course he says, “R gave it to us.”

Wow. That’s so nice. So, when I woke up this morning, I rolled over, smacked DH on the shoulder and said, “You’d better call R and I tell him I dreamed that he won the lottery. He should go buy a ticket.” What I didn’t add, and probably should have was:

“Tell him to keep the Panini maker. If he does win millions, we’d like a box of money, a bucket of cash or a knapsack of mula – not a small kitchen appliance. Thanks anyway.”


Jen said...


Maybe you should have a snack before you go to bed.

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

I was thinking maybe I should play the lottery. Heck with R. If I win, I'll give him a Panini Maker.