Saturday, June 21, 2008

Malai Kofta and Galub Jamun

No, these are not the names of the hero and heroine in my WIP.

This is what I had for dinner last night.

I went out with K to an Indian resturant in town. No place DH would ever go, and the kids? Forget it. If there's no pizza and french fries on the menu they're not interested.

The place was small, but very nice - dark and spicy, just the right amount of ambiance. We ordered a couple of appetizers, along with nann and mango jutney [yum]. I had Malai Kofta as my entree which was actually very good, and for dessert we had pistachio ice cream and a small bowl of Galub Jamun - decadently yummy.

I figured I'd have some very strange dreams after all that, but not really.

Tonight I'm playing it safe with some home made vegetable stir fry. Off to cook and do some more work on my WIP - my marathon writing session yesterday produced four chapters [rough draft style so don't get too jealous - it's basically 40 handwritten pages of dreck] hopefully througout the week I'll be able to mold it into something as tasty as the galub jamun. Wish me luck.

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Jen said...

Mmmmm...sounds yummy.

Then again, so do Munchkins.

Keep up the good work!