Monday, June 02, 2008

Things I do late at night

I hate getting caught up in Internet searches for strange reasons. It usually ends up in a lot of wasted time and some type of mechanical disaster.

Saturday night was no exception. I decided after everyone had gone to bed and I was still wide awake, that I would jump on the search engine and look for two interesting things. 1) Photos of Keanu Reeves [because he’s so yummy] and 2) the lyrics to a song I’d heard while eating out at the diner.

The song is Little Wonders by Rob Thomas and I had the refrain ‘ these small hours...’ stuck, STUCK I tell you, in my head.

I searched on the lyrics first and of course found tons of sites, many of which didn’t actually work, but eventually I found not only the lyrics but a button that would allow me to play the song [usually a surefire cure for hearing it my head until my eyeballs explode.] I adjusted my speakers and hit the button and nothing happened.

So I fiddled with the speakers and decided the best course of action was to plug in a set of head phones. [I hate noise coming from my computer, especially late at night, but any time really. Usually if the slightest noise comes from my computer people have to flock over to find out what I’m doing and I hate that even more.]

Now I’m fiddling with the headphones and they don’t work, they don’t stick in the headphone hole, when I finally get them situated, nothing plays through them. The website I’m on now wants to me design my own personal radio station which I don’t feel like doing and it also wants me to play Michelle Branch [I think her name is Michelle – don’t know, don’t care. I only want to hear the song by Rob Thomas.] I click away.

Then I decide, damn but I want to hear that song so I click back, yank the useless headphones of the speaker [they’re the broken ones, I now recall, and spend a moment wondering why I’ve kept them]. I toss them in the trash, adjust the volume [sadly in the wrong direction] and hit the button again.

Music now BLASTS from the speaker scaring me, the cat and the dog.

I jump on the speaker, shut it off and indulge in a litany of creative cursing. Then I give up and go on to searching for quiet pictures of Keanu. Which I find in droves, ‘cause let’s face it, a LOT of people think he’s yummy.

Here’s what I finally found, but all these pics of yummy Keanu get me thinking about romance and casting a hot couple for my next book and blog topics and I start searching for ‘best onscreen kisses.’ I come across a lot of famous kisses which starts me making a cool collection of romantic kiss scenes, and sets me off on the trail of an elusive kiss – the Mulder and Skully kiss from an episode of the X-Files that I never saw.

Why did I never see it? Because by the ending seasons the show that had been my favorite of all time thoroughly disgusted me and I couldn’t watch it, so I missed out on the good stuff they should have shown a bit earlier to keep shipper fans like me happy.

So I finally saw the ‘kiss’ – wasn’t terribly impressed and by now I’m tired so I finally logged off and went to bed after taking a circuitous tour around the web. At least I found Keanu.

Where do your web searches lead you?


Jen said...


Jen said...

I have a thing for bizarre news stories...I click on one, which leads to another, which takes me to another and before I know it, I've spent 20 minutes reading useless crap.

And for the record...I totally don't get Reeves appeal (which I know puts me in a minority that others shall spat upon)

Bernadette Gardner and Jennifer Colgan said...

Have you seen The Lake House? My God, he was utterly perfect in that.

I will admit, back in his Bill and Ted days, yech. But now...major sigh.