Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Looking for a happy place

I could really use a nice, secluded place to hide out for a while. A cave would be nice. I just feel a little raw today and very tired.

I've been knocking myself out working on a novella and though I'm steadfastly turning out new words each day, I just don't feel this one and that bothers me. I have a week and a half to get it done and then I'm taking a forced vacation - no writing for at least a week.

In addition to my personal burnout, I've been catching snippets of a couple of on-line trainwrecks this week involving publishers. Apparently the snark blogs are going wild about one issue, and the other issue will be affecting a number of authors, many of whom are my friends.

This industry is so full of ups and downs, it's a wonder anyone stays in it for very long. Having a tough skin is key, but even the toughest skin gets raw sometimes. I get tired of hearing bad news.

It would be nice to have a quiet place to sit for a while and contemplate everything. Then again, maybe the reason I've come as far as I have in a business where you're more likely to hear reasons why you won't succeed than why you will, is because I've ignored most of what goes on around me. Being a little clueless can sometimes be an asset I suppose. If you don't know you're supposed to be depressed about the current state of affairs, then you're not.

I think I'll go with that. But I'm still going to take a vacation and I'm going to keep looking for my happy place.

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