Monday, June 25, 2007

The view from my desk

For a change we had absolutely gorgeous weather this weekend. We didn't need the AC on and it was breezy and beautiful outside. I actually needed a sweater for a while believe it or not, but the best part was I got to enjoy working outside on the patio. This was my view all weekend.

It made slogging through my WIP a little bit easier and now I think I'm almost done. I may actually make my deadline without having to find a creative way to ask for more time.

Unfortunately the perfect weather didn't last past Sunday evening, and today it's seasonably hot, but it was sure nice while it lasted.


L.K. Campbell said...

I tagged you. Visit my blog to read all about it.

Jennifer McK said...

Awesome view! And the weather seems perfect.
Glad you're getting through wip.

Shelli Stevens said...

What a pretty view! Good luck with the WIP. You can do it!