Friday, August 12, 2016

Ravenstar at Smashwords!

Ravenstar's Bride is now available at Smashwords!

Istrian merchant captain, Ravenstar Bren knows he’s got trouble the moment he lays eyes on the beautiful stowaway that came aboard his ship in the cargo hold of a trade shuttle. He has no idea just how much though.

Princess Ra’Nara Lumina, destined for the throne of Cadeia, has fled her privileged life to escape the dark destiny that awaits her. Slated to be bred with her cruel cousin Cleus Antioch, she can expect most of her children to die of a genetic illness borne in the genes of the royal family. To save her unborn heirs, she leaves the palace, but as long as she remains untouched by a man, she is still eligible to rule. Pursued by the ruthless Chancellor Kossa, who will do anything to see that succession of the throne is unbroken, Ra’Nara must find a man willing to claim her as his wife.

Bren finds himself with a strange dilemma. To save the princess and the lives of her as yet unconceived offspring, he must claim her as his bride, but can he convince the proud people of his nomadic nation to accept a ‘land-born’ as the wife of their sovereign? 


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