Spring River Valley Contemporary Romance

JILTED IN JANUARY Harper Shaw is certain she’ll never live down her reputation as the jilted bride after her fiancé bails on the wedding and decides to go on the honeymoon by himself.

Grant Addison’s career depends on saving the failing catering hall where Harper’s wedding was supposed to be held. He can’t return her deposit money to her, but his business proposal could help them both stay out of the red.

Their unlikely partnership heats up the cold winter nights in Spring River Valley, and leads them to discover January just might be hottest month of the year. Available NOW!

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FIXED UP IN FEBRUARY After a string of disappointing first dates, Audrey Desmond figures she has nothing to lose by letting the town matchmaker fix her up with the perfect guy.

Max Shannon isn’t looking for romance when his cousin Cassie ropes him into one of her matchmaking schemes as a stand-in for a last minute cancellation.

Fire and ice conspire to make their first date a disaster, but Max decides he can melt Audrey’s chilly exterior if she’ll give him a second chance. Together they discover a slow burn can ignite flames of passion even during the coldest month of the year.   Available NOW!

MIXED UP IN MARCH Emerson Bartoli’s business trip to the New York City Ad Expo wasn’t supposed to include a sexy stranger in her hotel shower. But how can she complain when he offers to share the room after a mix-up leaves her no place to stay?

Jared Barton’s job is to land a global advertising account, not fall in love with his prospective client’s corporate image rep.

With their jobs and their hearts on the line, can they take a chance on each other and convince everyone that mixing business with pleasure just might be a winning combination? Available NOW!

AN AFFAIR IN APRIL Lifestyle reporter Evie Prentice decides the wisest move is to protect her heart when, while on assignment, she lands in the arms of sexy self-defense instructor Tanner Croft, a man with a reputation for charming all the ladies in town.

Tanner relishes the challenge of convincing the prickly journalist to take a chance on him, but when a public scandal gives Evie the opportunity to grab a front page headline, the connection they forged is threatened.

Will a question of trust cool their love affair just when things start to heat up in Spring River Valley? Available NOW!

MATCHED UP IN MAY Afraid of trusting the wrong guy again, Bailey Cole swore off men for twelve months. When her first date in a year goes bust, hunky bartender Matt Kelso steps in to turn her evening around.

Their spring fling heats up fast, but Bailey never planned on going from zero to sixty overnight. Will she let memories of her cheating ex permanently put the brakes on this perfect match? Available NOW!

JADED IN JUNE Samantha Wilton never imagined she’d want to get serious about casual sex, but holding out for a commitment has gotten her nothing but long, lonely nights.

Aiden Cole has been looking for a woman who isn’t desperate to say ‘I do’, so when Sam agrees to be ‘friends with benefits’ he’s sure he’s found a soul mate.

Will their deepening attraction forge a match made in heaven or just complicate a no-strings-attached summer romance and leave them both longing for a love that will last forever?  Available NOW!

JEALOUS IN JULY Chase Turner can’t take his eyes off his gorgeous co-worker Brenda, but she’s hooked on the firm’s star employee, aspiring lawyer Riley.

Hoping to show her she’s set her sights on the wrong guy, Chase offers to help Brenda make Riley jealous, but his scheme backfires, leaving them courting disaster with an interoffice romance.

Brenda realizes Chase is everything she wished Riley could be, but how can she make the case for love if he thinks she’s guilty of wanting someone else? Available NOW!

AWAKENED IN AUGUST With the bar exam behind him, Riley Thayer can finally take a much needed vacation. At a relaxing spa getaway, Lydia Richmond is thrilled to get her hands on her workaholic former classmate and teach him how to escape the rat race.

The summer heat ignites their passion for each other, but when her free spirit collides with his cool corporate reality, will their awakening love survive? Available NOW!


Lily Jarvis lives by a strict set of dating rules, and a one-night stand with her secret crush, EMT Quinn Preston, breaks every one of them.

Quinn’s been trying hard to curb his reckless side, but he has no regrets about seducing Lily on the last weekend of summer. Can he convince her that a night he can’t quite remember will be the start of something unforgettable?  Available NOW!


OUTMATCHED IN OCTOBER Claudia Galvin has been singing romantic songs with her best friend Owen for months now, but he doesn’t seem to notice she’d rather be making love than making music.

Owen DeWitt always thought Claudia was out of his league in the romance department, so he’s certain the sultry brunette is looking for something better.

Their voices may harmonize perfectly, but when she’s offered a job singing for someone else, will their friendship survive a radical change in tune? Available NOW!

NAUGHTY IN NOVEMBER It’s clear to Danielle Lennox that handsome veterinarian Taylor Croft is still on the rebound. That doesn’t stop her from wanting to make more than music with him when she joins his after-hours band.

Dani is ready to play naughty if that’s what it takes, but Taylor isn’t a one-night performance, and he’s looking for commitment.

Can he tame her wild spirit enough to settle down before they both end up singing the blues? Available NOW!

DESIRED IN DECEMBER Caterer and part-time matchmaker Cassandra Hall has introduced half a dozen happy couples, but she hasn’t been able to find true love for herself.
She’s carried a torch for James Galloway since he broke up with her after enlisting in the army. After five years in the service, he’s finally coming home for good, and he wants the girl he left behind, but he knows he has no right to ask her to take him back after all this time.
How can he convince her that his desire for her never waned and he wants her by his side forever? Available NOW!

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