Sizzling Sci-Fi Romance

Book 2 of the Carnathian Chronicles

She’s still waiting to exhale…

Life support engineer Kiyan Arroyo barely survived the horrifying Carnathian interrogation that helped catch the man responsible for sabotaging the atmosphere generators on Deneb IV, but the invasive brain scan also uncovered a secret she’d vowed never to reveal.

Her knowledge could be the key that will save a race from extinction, but for a crucial experiment to work, she has to put her trust in the people who tore her mind apart. Can love grow in the wake of devastating destruction?

A boxed set of seven sci-fi novellas. Contains:

Book 1 of the Carnathian Chronicles

Extinction could be only a breath away.

When life support engineer Lela Masters began her tour of duty on Deneb IV, she expected to help repair the massive, ancient machines that supply atmosphere to the habitat domes of the alien Carnathians. What she didn't expect was to fall in love...twice.

Lela happily offers her heart to her two Carnathian lovers, but when fear turns their people against the humans who have always been their allies, will she choose to help save their race from extinction even if it takes her final breath?


Amber Heat Wave Winner

Indulge in a passionate read with RENNA’S SACRIFICE Bernadette Gardner has a winner on her hands… - Wendi, Fallen Angel Reviews

Longing for freedom from her cloistered existence, Renna roams the moonlit hillsides where she meets Benar, an acolyte from the Temple of the Sun God. When her destiny is revealed, she is faced with a terrible choice: Defy the ancient rites and plunge her ordered world into chaos, or give up the man she loves and sacrifice herself to another.


Formerly titled Forbidden World: Ambrax

"...One of the author's best!" - Jean, Fallen Angel Reviews

Dark and dangerous, bounty hunter Damon Cantor leaves Lea Vargas breathless. His gravelly voice rides over her like a caress, making her skin tingle and her knees weak. He’s the only man who has ever intimidated her, and she doesn’t like that, but since he’s the perfect man for the job she has in mind, she’ll have to deal with it.

Born into a life of privilege as an heir to the Vargas Industries fortune, Lea has never wanted for anything until now. No amount of money can cure her sister of Lorcan Syndrome, but perhaps a Braxan healer can. Darya’s husband, Troy, hasn’t returned from an expedition to the forbidden world of Ambrax, though, and time is running out. Lea’s only hope to save her sister lies in enslaving herself to Damon Cantor and landing on the male-dominated planet, from which visitors rarely return.

Warning: Explicit sex.
This novella was previously published.
Forbidden Worlds novellas do not need to be read in order.


Thieves in Paradise is an enjoyable escape from the ordinary. ...Good guys, bad guys and hot sex make for a yummy mini vacation. ... I highly recommend Thieves in Paradise to everyone who loves romance, no matter what genre it is. Willow – Joyfully Reviewed

Kol A’Kosu, an Antarean bounty hunter, is on the trail of another rim colony criminal. Gifted with visions that show him future events, he’s already seen himself capturing Charity Foster, the beautiful Human selenite thief, but that’s not all he’s seen. His visions have never been wrong before, but this time there must be a mistake. He can’t possibly take a Human as a bond mate, or worse, subject her to the painful rite of separation, the only way to dissolve the intense sexual link that draws Antarean couples together. 

Charity faces certain death at the hands of the Magistrate of Valencia, but before she loses her life, she’ll lose her heart to the man assigned to bring her to justice.

Warning: Explicit sex
This novella was previously published.
Forbidden Worlds novellas do not need to be read in order.


An anthology of erotic romance

A Calculated Risk

5 Angels! A Calculated Risk is a delightful romp...loaded with intrigue, along with some powerful sensual seduction, Ms. Gardner fashions a story that acts like a magnet from the first page. - 
Fallen Angel Reviews

When former military commander, Tarrant Kane, meets Nola Rule at the exclusive resort on Sensuron, she offers him intense carnal pleasures and something he craves even more than sex: a challenge.

Kane’s dalliance with Nola comes with a steep price, however, and he soon realizes that falling in love is a risk he isn’t prepared to take.


U-4EA is a fascinating book... I was spellbound by the wonderful characters... The dialog is fresh and fun and there is plenty of action to keep readers on their toes. This is a fun book that is a pleasure to read! - Two Lips Reviews

  Earth-Sec Agent Fletcher Gray doesn’t need or particularly want a sex slave, but he has no choice in the matter when he’s forced to decant trinium scout Talia Lory from a stasis pod full of U-4EA, the galaxy’s most powerful aphrodisiac.

In between bouts of unbridled sex, Fletch begins to realize he enjoys Talia’s company on more than a physical level, but when her sex addiction wears off, will she still want him?

Currently out of print

5 ANGELS! Bernadette Gardner instantly grabs the reader’s attention… Ken’Ja has earned 5 Angels for its imaginative story, passion, and touching romance! - Fallen Angel Reviews

Mate or die! Thal Warrior Tige D’Vron battles the biological imperative of his people. Can Zira, a mere human, withstand the mating frenzy?

When two prisoners of war find themselves unexpectedly freed from their captivity they discover they have no choice but to rely on each other to survive. Tige D’Vron, a Thalian Warrior, and Zira Teynor, a human intelligence courier, set out together across a nameless planet to avoid recapture by their enemies, the reptilian Ketomir.

Soon, however, Tige becomes aware of a growing desire for his human compatriot, a desire he cannot control. Thalians have long battled the Ken’Ja, the biological imperative to mate or die. In an effort to protect Zira from himself, Tige forces her away from him, hoping she will flee to where he cannot find her, because when he does, he will claim her in a mating frenzy too intense for a mere human to withstand.


5 Angels! More Than A Fantasy is a wonderful short story with an imaginative plot, a delightful heroine, and two very intoxicating males. Bernadette Gardner has created a unique story centered around the desire to have your fantasy come true and what a wonderful experience it can be when it does. -Fallen Angel Reviews

When her fantasy man offers her freedom, will Mara pay the price?

Forced into exile on a private Aegean island, Mara Zander longs for freedom. Prince Tiran of Atlantis has watched the red haired beauty from afar for weeks. When he breaks the centuries old law that forbids contact with humans, he discovers he’ll have to compete with his brother, Poseidon, to win Mara’s heart and set her free.

Currently out of print

If you could be someone else for a week, would you? What if you could be someone else forever?

{Bernadette Gardner Erotica}

Researcher Tess Ronson has been given a golden opportunity. When she agrees to have her consciousness downloaded into a prototype android body, she’s thrilled by the scientific and medical possibilities. The body, nicknamed Sydney by its creator, is physically perfect and stunningly beautiful, two things Tess is not.

For a week she lives a life she’s only dreamed of and learns far more about her own burning sexuality and untamable spirit than she thought possible. But after seven days in Sydney she also discovers the consequences of giving herself over to her every wicked desire.

Warning: Explicit sex and language. This is an erotica title, not a romance.


Human-alien relations are heating up.

...a fabulous story...about learning to communicate with other beings and what better way to learn than through the universal way, love…fascinating and highly entertaining -  eCataRomance

When an inhuman scream silences the night creatures in a Pennsylvania woodland, Alliana Cambridge isn’t afraid. She’s angry. When she goes in search of the source of that tortured sound she expects to find another drunken hunter injured by his own gun.

Instead she finds something indescribable. He’s six feet of sensuous panther-black skin stretched over taut muscle. His green eyes glow with feral intelligence and though she can’t speak his language, Alli knows he’s asking for her help. She watches as his magnificent body heals itself of a vicious gunshot wound and she wonders if he’s come to enslave humans, starting with her.

Of course, she’s probably dreaming. After all, magnificent feline aliens don’t normally roam the woods behind Alli’s home. If he’s still there, in her bed, in the morning...well, she’ll worry about it then.


After reading this story I am hooked on the writings of Bernadette Gardner and am eagerly awaiting her next work - Two Lips Reviews

Being abducted by aliens is the last thing on Victoria Cambridge’s agenda when she returns to her parents’ home in rural Pennsylvania after months of emotional turmoil. While Adam and Alliana Cambridge vacation in Australia, Victoria looks forward to several weeks of rest, relaxation and long walks in the woods behind their farmhouse. Unfortunately the Sha-Shiri have other plans for her.

Kash-Koori has been chosen to mate with the human hybrid female. Fortunately for Victoria the regal, golden-eyed hunter is a spy sent to earth to protect her from those who wish to exploit her DNA or destroy her. When a subversive crewmember sabotages their ship and leaves he and Victoria alone and hurtling into the sun, Kash discovers he has more than protective feelings for the strangely compelling human. With death only hours away, Kash and Victoria give in to their growing desires, but will their intimate encounter cause complications if they actually survive?

5 STARS! This ...novella quickly grabbed me, pulling me into the story. Ms. Gardner's writing was so descriptive that I could actually picture the Icarians flying around with their beautiful wings as I was reading. I got a complete sense of the entire Icarian world in all its glory. I found Jaran and Lara suitably matched, which made for a great love story- Vixhen, The Romance Reviews

To save a dying race, sociologist Caleb Faulkner will forfeit his humanity. He has volunteered to join with an alien creature in order to take part in an ambitious breeding program designed to spare the dominant race on the planet Icarus from certain extinction. Dr. Zara Abbott has spent months helping to prepare Caleb for the joining, hiding her feelings for the man who will become the mate to an Icarian female as soon as he receives his symbiotic wings. When the joining proves disastrous, Caleb and his alien symbion can think of only one thing, mating with Zara. After so long preparing to sacrifice Caleb to the Icarians, will she be able to refuse the man who makes her heart take flight?

5 HEARTS! ...this so rich and awe inspiring, it almost seems real - The Romance Studio

The only full-blooded human member of the winged population on Icarus, Laramee Faulkner has longed to be accepted as one of the tribe. Since childhood, Jaran, the adopted son of the Icarian leaders, has never let Lara forget that she’s different. As a boy, he teased and taunted her. As a man, he has the power to give her everything she’s always desired, or tear her away from the world she loves.

When Jaran chooses Lara as his mate, she’s certain his plan is only to humiliate her, but his passionate kisses and sensual commands ignite her long-suppressed desires. Will she be able to resist the erotic temptation and make him pay for all the years he tormented her, or will she give in and claim her birthright as a member of the Icarian race even if it means giving herself to the man who made her feel like an outcast?

5 Lips! Rogue Theta by Bernadette Gardner is a captivating story that drew me in on the first page and refused to release me... Rogue Theta is masterfully written and has so much storyline and character development that it reads like a full-length novel. I can’t recommend this new release by Bernadette Gardner highly enough! -Two Lips Reviews

Lilliana's mission is to neutralize a rogue super-soldier. Abandoned after an alien raid that decimated his outpost, the cybernetically enhanced Theta represents a threat to galactic security. When Lilliana locates her target, she discovers he's more than a rampaging war machine. His sensual touch unleashes her deepest desires and she begins to question the ethics of her mission the moment she looks into his eyes.Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Gaige gave up his name, his home and his freedom to volunteer for the Theta project because he thought he had nothing left to lose. Now, with his cybernetic implants on the verge of complete breakdown, his only hope is to avoid hurting anyone before his autonomic functions shut down completely.The beautiful assassin sent to kill him piques more than his curiosity, though. Her supple body and intoxicating scent set Gaige's long-suppressed needs against his enhanced survival instincts. The man he once was is drawn to the sexy huntress whose mission is to destroy him at any cost. Who will survive and who will become the hunted?

Earning her trust will be murder...

A Chi-series-enhanced human, Onika can seduce any man, but the fatal flaw in her biological programming is that she falls in love with her targets. When Zed, the enigmatic scientist who created her, wants to see her, she chances a reunion, determined to convince him to change her biological programming and free her from her enslavement to chemical lust. When she finds Zed has been brutally murdered, she feels relief and terror. No one can save her now, least of all Aidan Fynn, the attorney assigned by Central Command to represent her. Given into Fynn’s mercurial care, Onika faces the greatest challenge of her life to not fall hopelessly in love and lust with the former soldier once he learns the only way to gain her trust is to take her to his bed.

Print version
Contains Rogue Theta and Rogue Heart

1st Place Winner - Erotic category

2009 More Than Magic Contest

Grade A! Man, oh Man! Have you ever read a book that has you smiling like the Cheshire Cat? ...This book is a scorcher! - Simply Romance Reviews

Her body is his canvas.When Makena Brady walks into SkIntense Body Art, she expects nothing more than a little prick, and a small tattoo to satisfy her quest for independence from her "good girl" lifestyle. What she gets instead is a sensual awakening.Darq Stone is an artist and Makena's body is the perfect canvas. He works his magic on her, bringing her to the edge of reason with a temporary tattoo airbrushed on her inner thigh.Enthralled by the excitement of lying nearly naked while he paints on her, Makena yearns for more, but can she handle the real thing? Darq is much more than he seems and once he brands her with a permanent mark, she'll be drawn into his world forever.

He can strip her soul bare with a glance...

4 ANGELS! Slither is a sexy short story that left me wanting more... A new and refreshing paranormal is not easy to find anymore but Bernadette Gardner has done it and I look forward to reading more of her stories. - Fallen Angel Reviews

Rihana has seen a lot in five years working as a psychic for the NYPD, but the murder of a freelance reporter makes her question if she really wants to continue her law enforcement career.The dark vibe she gets from this case is nothing new, but the main suspect, sexy, enigmatic tattoo artist Heath, leaves her heightened senses burning. She can read him like a book—and she can see his innocence but she can’t prove it. His feral sexual thoughts make her insane with need and her desire for him jeopardizes her job and the investigation.When she learns the truth about the man who can strip her soul bare with a glance, will she give up everything she knows to flee with him to a safer world? Or will she become a psychic killer in order to destroy a ruthless assassin and put an end to her lover’s exile?

Only a forbidden union can save a doomed race.

5 Hearts! The plot moves the story along, spiced with the fantastic, sensual lovemaking scenes between the main characters...I loved this book. . - The Romance Studio

Forbidden desires plague Celia, head of the Underwater Maintenance Engineering project on Gavrel Space Station. Celia’s fascination for the bio-engineered aquatic humanoids who care for the habitat’s ocean grows each day. Sleek, strong and graceful, the UMEs have begun to develop patterns of behavior and beliefs that their creators had not planned for. When her attraction to Del leads Celia to finally indulge in her long-suppressed sexual fantasies, she endangers her job and the future of the UMEs aboard Gavrel. In order to save their species and secure the rights they deserve, Del is urged by the leader of his people to use Dr. Weston as a pawn in a political coup. Celia risks everything for the ecstasy of Del’s electrifying touch, but can she convince two races to accept their relationship and work together to save the doomed ocean?

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