Sunday, June 26, 2016

Quick fix read!

If you need a quick fix of romance, you're in luck:

Desert Kiss: A Short Story

This short story was previously published under the title La Mirage.

Is their passion real, or only a mirage? 

On a lonely stretch of I-95 in the middle of the Nevada desert, journalist Savanna Blaine and photographer Ben Lantano find themselves stranded by engine trouble on their way back from an assignment. Their quest for a gas station leads them to a beautiful resort nestled in a secluded canyon where they are the only guests.
            Invited to spend the night in lush accommodations, passion flares between Savanna and Ben who have suppressed their hidden desires long enough. A single touch ignites an unforgettable night in each other’s arms, but the next day, when the resort mysteriously disappears, they’re left to wonder, is their newfound intimacy real or nothing more than a trick of the summer heat?

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